Agiza Rescue

Agiza Rescue

Agiza Rescue System’s main objective is providing a reliable emergency services request, response and analysis platform for Kenyans all over the country including informal settlements such as Kibera. Development of Agiza Rescue in many aspects is motivated by my life experiences with the Kenyan emergency response service. I studied it from afar for several years before diving in fully to better understand why ambulances aren’t responding, why the police aren’t responding to security emergencies and why fires are completely destroying properties.

How it Started

Having personally heard countless stories and seen many manageable situations that turned desperate then tragic, I then decided to begin the Agiza project in July of 2017. Since, I have learnt more about the current emergency response and previous efforts to solve existing problems including known challenges. This knowledge has been incorporated in the development of Agiza Rescue. When fully deployed, with the cooperation from emergency service providers this will transform emergency response in Kibera.

I faced many challenges in the feasibility stage while trying to obtain the correct information because most officials didn’t understand my project. I was eventually able to overcome this challenge after developing a demo app to help explain Agiza Rescue that led to the officials being cooperative. I also obtained contacts that will be useful during the final stages of project development. As the sole software developer, I have been financing Agiza Rescue from my savings because hosting charges were not too high. As I prepare for the next stage which will require more funds to be successful, WOAN has played a key role through its financial commitment to Agiza Rescue.

Benson Kuria Macharia, Owner

Hello, my name is Benson Kuria Macharia, a 30 year old Kenyan passionate about technological innovation geared towards community empowerment. I believe in never letting what I can’t do interfere with what I can do. I am an experienced computer programmer proficient in PHP, Java Script, Angular and Android programing language. For nearly three years, I have combined my expertise in statistical analysis, computer programming and understanding of Kenya’s emergency response system in the development of Agiza Rescue System.

I hold a Bachelors of Science Degree in Financial Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology & Agriculture and I’ve obtained a Diploma in Human Resource Management from the Institute of Commercial Management and Certificates in Computer Networking (CISCO).


Relationship with Travis

I met Travis on social media in 2018 through his WOAN page. After a few conversations, we drew interest in each others work. Since the beginning, we’ve talked significantly about what motivated us to start our initiatives and the challenges we’ve had to overcome. We became close friends as we shared more about our families and life experiences. Travis’ deep understanding of Kenyan culture, challenges, opportunities and our environment has made it easier for us to understand each other’s vision. Travis has also provided great advice that has helped shape the approach of implementing the final stages of Agiza Rescue.