Carolina For Kibera


Carolina For Kibera

Carolina For Kibera (CFK) Angaza project supports the highest performing but vulnerable young people of Kibera access and successfully complete their high school education through a mix of scholarships, leadership training and immersive field trips for exposure.

Due to the high cost of high school in Kenya, students from low income families are often not able to finish school. Angaza scholarships provide 100% of the tuition fees for all four years of high school to qualifying students while developing their leadership and life skills. The Leadership building approach is a three-month intensive curriculum for scholarship recipients that allows students to examine their plans for life after high school through building self-esteem, self-direction, and goal-setting. Since few students venture outside of Kibera, providing exposure visits to students provides a well-rounded and unique learning experience. Each year’s graduates transition to the alumni cohort that is tasked with mentoring their successors with their studies and ensure the same educational outcomes are achieved. It is called Angaza Project; loosely translated its to shed light as we believe education is the light needed in informal settlements.

CFK primarily encompasses three areas to progress the lives of the most vulnerable.

(1) Primary Healthcare

Providing a truly comprehensive approach to healthcare for people at all stages of life.

(2) Education and Livelihoods

Offering educational and work readiness services to help people achieve their full potentials.

(3) Girls Empowerment

Creating a space for girls to grow and thrive through mentorship and advocacy.

Hillary Okhidi Omala

Executive Director | Kenya