Kibra Food Drive

Kibra Food Drive

With the 2020 Global Pandemic, governments everywhere have put in place tough restrictions on movement and social engagements. In Africa, especially here in Kenya, these strict measures come with adverse impacts. With social distancing for instance, you need to at least have adequate space and a dense population of people as Kibera, safe space movement is a challenge to near impossible to maintain and even tougher to regulate.

In Kibera, most people live in already overcrowded spaces, so it is next to impossible to keep any distances. Every new day provides a glimpse into their daily struggle to maintain this safe distance despite the congestion. Working-From-Home, which has been a solution to much of the rest of the world, is impossible for most of the residents, who depend on casual work as construction workers, house-helps, security guards and other roles the city of Nairobi depends on. 

To stay at home and do nothing on the other hand is the greatest privilege most residents of Kibera can think of but almost all of them live hand to foot and do not have any savings. COVID-19 does not just affect the people who get the disease. Surviving is more of a need than protecting one’s self.  With everything that is happening the only thing we can do is sanitize and protect ourselves. 

Social distancing and isolation is the highest form of privilege for most. Most people we speak with on the ground fear COVID-19 but what keeps us up at night is survival. As the Kibera Food Drive team we want to help everyone, but the need supersedes the resources available. Through donations and collaborations with great organizations like We One Action Network and working with great people like Travis L Rudd, we hope to cover a greater number but for now, we will do what we can to help.

Thank You,

Asha Jaffar

Founder & Owner