Lead Volunteer

Denis was born and raised in Kibera from a family of five children, as he is the third born. He begin his studies in 2003 at the primary level and cleared my secondary education in 2016. For the past four years, he has served as a Facilitator & Youth Mentor as well serving as a Tour Guide for the Seed Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that addresses vulnerable students within the Kibera Community. He also volunteers as a voice to help share stories to our community leader on the importance and significance of our youth and young children to get a proper education. He has taken many courses in leadership and management that has led me to opportunities such as mentor at the Carolina for Kibera (i.e. CFK) youth empowerment within the Kibera Community.

In his spare time, he enjoys both football (i.e. soccer) as well as arts, crafts, dance and music. These areas of interest have played an important part of my life. He was privileged of accepting being a representative for Nairobi County Young Life. This is part of an international effort that focuses on transforming lives away from drug abuse and early pregnancy. Growing up in one of the largest Slums in Africa, he has faced criticism but I remained optimistic and eager to change the mindset of not only those in my community but outside of his community.

Denis has served as our WOAN-Ambassador-Kenya since 2019. Denis’s involvement has been critical to ensure WOAN goals and objectives are followed through. Not only is Denis a close friend of mine but he is quickly becoming a youth leader in his Kibera community. Denis will transition to Volunteer beginning in 2021 and will be working directly with our future Project Coordinator to be announced in early 2022.