Love without Limits

How it Started

My friends and I are involved in an initiative where we pull our resources together to provide sanitary towels to roughly 800 girls within Kibera between two schools, Shadrack Kimalel Primary School and Ayany Primary School. This has been difficult to complete due to lack of adequate funds. Statistics indicate that most people living in Kibera live on under a dollar a day wage which means that most of them live below the poverty line. Most, if not all, work as casual laborers or vegetable vendors and others clean or wash clothes.

The income they bring home is hardly enough to pay the rent, let alone put food on the table. Most families only rely on one meal a day. For some, the school feeding programs in some institutions goes a long way and some are assured of a meal.

These young girls face the following challenges. They lack:

  • Adequate sanitary towels or poor sanitary products which leads to absenteeism and dropping out from school.
  • Proper materials and facilities for changing and disposal.
  • Proper menstrual hygiene which leads to increased risk getting infection.

Love without Limits (LWL) objective is to reach as many girls as possible so the girls can also reach their full potential; this can only be achieved when they do not miss school. During the time of distribution we also do a mentorship program where we discuss various topics including hygiene, female genital mutilation, early pregnancy, rape, effects of drug abuse, role models and children rights.

Judy Wambua-Situma, Owner

Hello, my name is Judy Wambua – Situma. I am married and a mother of three children. I have a passion for the young children in Kibera as I also grew up there and my family still leaves there. It is important for me to say that I understand the challenges that our young children go through as I personally experienced the same. My initiative, Love Without Limits (LWL) is focused on addressing the needs of young girls to have what they required on a monthly basis. I have a great passion for the young people and my desire is to empower them in any way so that they may reach their potential.

I believe that when you educate a woman you empower the whole society, hence the desire to make sure that no girl misses school because of lack of a sanitary towel. This however has its own challenges as we do not have sufficient or adequate funds to make sure that we can provide the sanitary towels on time therefore a lack of consistency.

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Relationship with Travis

I got to know Travis through mutual friends of mine. I had the opportunity to speak with him about WOAN and I was dismayed by the passion he displayed for helping people of Kibera. He is a great person with such big heart and humility. I got to learn from him that he has visited Kenya enough that he understands our culture and the challenges we face in Kenya. I consider Travis as family and we are blessed to have him as our leader of the WOAN family. Having the support of WOAN will definitely help us achieve our dream which is to bring transformation to people’s lives.

Video Courtesy of Kibera News Network (KNN)

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