We are honored to say that We One Action Network (WOAN) has a very talented team built to succeed in any environment. Our team has the character and mindset for the betterment of others. It is truly an honor to have such an incredible team of leaders that have a passion for people and for doing things the right way.

Between their jobs, hobbies, and supporting their families; volunteer time is made to assure WOAN’s mission, vision, and goals are met. We encourage you to read their remarkable bio’s to understand more about our team. Their bios will offer a glimpse into their education, relatable experience, and how WOAN is connecting them to their passion for helping others.

Advisory Board


Immaculate Kamau

Board Member

Nairobi | Kenya

Immaculate has extensive experience with hospitality management and has been involved in public health and NGO consultancies such as Japan Platform at Kakuma, Assessment of Transforming Health System Project, and Nairobi Counties for Organization of African Youth. Immaculate is also a part-time lecturer at Kenyatta University and Mount Kenya University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Education Home Economics from Kenyatta University and a master’s degree in Public Health & Nutrition from the University of Nairobi. She is also in the final stages of an ongoing Ph.D. in Population Health from Kenyatta University.

In 2021, Immaculate was offered the opportunity to serve as WOAN Consultant (Kenya) to help ensure our focus in Kenya was appropriate and specific to Kenyan customs and culture. Her insight into what mostly impacts the African girl & boy child has been critical to our success. We are grateful that Immaculate will continue to expand her role as a member of our Board of Advisors.

Immaculate’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in Education Home Economics from Kenyatta University and a master’s degree in Public Health & Nutrition from the University of Nairobi (Kenya). She is also in the final stages of an ongoing Ph.D. in Population Health from Kenyatta University.


Pamela Fann

Board Member

Atlanta | Georgia

As We One Action Network (WOAN) continues to evolve and maneuver, we are thrilled to have Pam join our Board of Advisors. She has served on The Coca-Cola Company’s diversity board for more than 7 years and she currently serves as the diversity advisor for the BECC conference. She is also a member of the advisory board for Women of EV’s and Diversity Executive Leadership Academy. In addition:

  • Award-winning diversity specialist, and speaker, and the Founder & CEO of Integrated Solutions.
  • Owner & Principal of Impact Energy, a minority women-owned energy services company that helps organizations build strategies.
  • The Co-Executive Director of Maa Eagles Foundation which supports vulnerable girls from Tanzanian Maasai tribes with educational opportunities.

Pam has a degree in Marketing, a certification in Human Resource Management, and is a Certified Cultural Diversity Professional and Trainer. She holds a certification in Understanding Diversity and Inclusion from Perdue University. She also is a lead author for the Energy Equity Project, and served as an SME for Drawdown Georgia, RCE Atlanta Advancing Justice for All, and Community of Practice Committees.


Mike Roberts

Board Member

Charlotte | North Carolina

It is with tremendous pleasure and excitement to welcome Mike to the We One Action Network (WOAN) Advisory Board. Mike has been a loyal friend and dedicated supporter of WOAN since 2019. His joy has been seeing how far WOAN has progressed and wanting to be more involved on the front end of our work.

Mike has extensive experience in business management which leads to connecting people to services that make sense. He has held various leadership positions with top corporations that include IBM, Bank of America, and Duke Energy, and is currently the Principal Consultant for Black-and-Veatch. Mike obtained a BSBA in Management Information and MS in Business Administration from Mississippi State University.


Hannah Lineberger

Board Member

Raleigh | North Carolina

The mission of We One Action Network (WOAN) is to build a better future for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. This can only be accomplished through successful methods and best practices but with a keen eye for viable solutions.

It is with great pleasure to welcome Hannah to our Board of  Advisors. Hannah is a creative storyteller and professional communicator with experience in grant writing and cross-cultural communications. She also has a vast knowledge of developing and implementing marketing and communication strategies for international nonprofits.

Hannah has worked with organizations including CFK Africa, RTI International, Habitat for Humanity, and has studied abroad in Peru and Spain. Hannah received bachelor’s degrees in Communication, Spanish, and International Studies from North Carolina State University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Board of Directors


Prasad Challagundla


Waxhaw | North Carolina

Prasad began his engagement with We One Action Network (WOAN) in 2019 as a donor but felt compelled to do more. Prasad is a firm believer that quality education is essential for growth and opportunity. We are ecstatic to welcome Prasad as a member of our Board of Directors.

Prasad holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from SRI Venkateswara University in Tirupati, India. Prasad is a systems developer and architect with Siritek Inc. He is also an astute real estate investor and property manager.


Julie Poynter


Greenwood | Indiana

Julie began her involvement with We One Action Network (WOAN) in 2020 after listening to amazing stories of WOANs efforts in Kenya to help vulnerable children. She was immediately intrigued and wanted to get involved. Julie was offered the opportunity to serve as WOAN Consultant (USA) to help reimagine our focus in Kenya by offering insight into potential risks. We are grateful that Julie will continue to expand her role as a member of our Board of Directors.

Julie is a registered Project Management Professional (PMP). She attained a BS degree in Secondary Education from Indiana State University. After several years of teaching and mentoring in the Indiana public school system, she transitioned to Resource and Project Management. Julie is currently a Project Manager and Business Consultant with Primera Engineers, Inc.

executive director

Future Consideration

Executive Director

Somewhere | USA

Travis L Rudd

Travis L. Rudd

Founder & President

Stanley | North Carolina

Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya) has been regarded as the largest informal settlement (e.g., slum) in Africa. This reality moved Travis into action in 2017 during his first visit to Kibera. Combined with his passion for helping others and doing things the right way; this ultimately initiated the start of We One Action Network (WOAN).

However, he quickly realized there were cultural differences that made achieving goals a challenge within the framework of the Kenyan and American cultures. This led Travis to build strong alliances with grassroot organizations to help fill a void with inequalities in all aspects of educating vulnerable youth.

Travis has a degree in Industrial Systems Technology and a certification in Organizational Leadership from Belmont Abbey College. His current position is in Business Process Management with Duke Energy Corporation.

We One Action Network is committed to helping vulnerable and disadvantaged students and educators in Kenya.

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