Who We Are

Let’s Begin Here

We One Action Network (WOAN) is a non-operating foundation based in Stanley, North Carolina (USA). We are committed to creating opportunities for bright minds and creative souls in Kenya, where a vast majority of youth lack the basic opportunity to strengthen their ability. WOAN supported initiatives and projects are designed to encourage the highest standards of creativity and long-term self reliance. Since our conception in 2018, we have positioned ourselves as part of the solution by listening and engaging with local leaders that understand what those gaps are and why. This slow approach enable better collaborations with exploring effective ways to close those gaps. In return, WOAN is able to stand on the frontline in our quest to assist disadvantaged students and educators.

What We Do

We One Action Network (WOAN) is committed to partnering with vetted and registered Non-Governmental or Community Based organizations. WOAN’s primary focus is with educational learning (i.e., life-skills, classroom) and other key essentials like mentorship, youth development & leadership, food & nutrition, sanitary pads, school supplies and school uniforms.  We seek to fund and support efforts that undertake new levels of achievement. Our operating principle is simple; WOAN strives to reach new heights through creativity and productive collaborations to guide our decisions.

Travis L. Rudd
Founder & Executive Director