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Kibra Food Drive

“Always ask yourself…”why am i doing this?” ,”Why am i helping my community? … thats where you can find the answer to keep you feeling motivated.. You put yourself in the line for your community and it is because you are passionate about it (volunteering).”

Asha Jaffer, Owner

TEAMEnvironment Kenya

“Being an environmental organization, #Pads4Slums was conceptualized as our Community Service Responsibility. But, as we progress, the goal is to mold into its own to have greater transformation of Girl-Children in Kenya”

Matthew Ochanda, Director
– Phillip MaCloud, Co-Director

Shine Kibera Educational Center

“Kibera School that also offers journalism that teaches students film and script writing as well as leadership & teamwork.”

Job Bitange, Owner

We One Action Network

Our History is not the Past, its Our Future.