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Shine Academy Edu-Center

“Shine Academy Educational Center (SAEC) vision is to offer quality education to orphan and disadvantaged children. Our mission is to provide vulnerable children with an opportunity to pursue their dreams through education that encompasses classroom learning, mentorship and life-skills. SAEC seeks to expand to serve more parents (mostly single moms) who don’t have the means to educate their children. Our school motto is simple: We Dream — We Believe — We Shine!”

Kibera Girls Soccer Academy

“In addition to KGSA’s academic and extracurricular programming, we offer the supporting nutrition, healthcare, and mentorship initiatives to unlock potential, expand opportunities, and enable our students to shape their futures. We recognize the expertise of community leaders and invest in their ability to respond to problems on their own terms. When local leaders are given the chance to lead, they create innovative solutions to combat poverty that outsiders may miss.”

Tribeless Youth

“Tribeless Youth is a youth initiative with a view to promoting peaceful coexistence among the youth in Kenya. The organization uses art, music, digital media, and other forms of creativity to demystify the ideologies of “my tribe, my people” with a view to galvanizing unity among Kenya’s youthful generation. We aim at amplifying national values and ethos as a point of convergence for young Kenyans who want to contribute towards a positive change.”

We One Action Network

Our History is not the Past, it is Our Future.